About Me

Not everyone is an expert at what they do. And that’s ok! I’ll help you get there.

Welcome to Sheet Skunk, where my main focus is to help individuals like you improve your productivity in the office and understand how to use everyday tools that come off as a new language at first glance. Using common platforms like Microsoft Office and Google Apps may feel overwhelming to you. But kiss those days goodbye.

I’m Chris, your site author and the resident “data guy” during my 9 to 5. If you found my resume, you might be impressed with my Master’s degree in Data Analytics, or my experience of over 15 years working in several industries with the same tools we’ll discuss here. But let’s not kid ourselves, a resume is often a genuine fluff piece. The real work starts on day one when you’re asked to put those touted skills to use.

And while it can be scary and you’re hit with a sudden case of imposter syndrome, proving your worth is absolutely possible. I want to help you get there. I do it every day in the office, and unveiling the simplicity of functions and data hacks is kind of my specialty. So browse my site for what you’re looking for, or reach out if you’d like a certain topic covered.

My goal is to answer all your questions as best I can. Eventually, you’ll be the office data guy or gal. More importantly, you’ll become more productive and get back precious time you thought was lost for good.

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